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ARIBA : Supplier creation FAQ

Do we have to register even if you already work with Infrabel as supplier?

All the suppliers involved in the future sourcing process must register to the Ariba Network.

What happens once the questionnaire has been filled in?


  • Once the questionnaire has been filled in and validated you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Once your registration is approved by Infrabel, you will receive a (new) approval confirmation.
  • You can adapt the information mentioned in the questionnaire once Infrabel has approved it. This will require a new approval from Infrabel.


What shall I do if the questionnaire is not visible?


  • When you connect to your AN account, please navigate to the module "Proposals and questionnaires" at the top left corner of the screen in order to view the questionnaire and data.
  • If the questionnaire is not visible, it means that it has not be shared with your account. In this case, please contact your buyer at Infrabel in order to get the link shared again with you, for you to connect with your connexion credentials. Attention: you need to connect to your account via the link that is mentioned in the e-mail in order to access the questionnaire.

We have received several invitations. Are they duplicates?

If your company consists in several organizations or legal entities dealing with Infrabel, our system generates one invitation per organization or legal entity. You need to register each entity separately.
IMPORTANT ! If you proceed with several registrations, please proceed one per one and don’t open the registration link simultaneously in your browser. Otherwise, the data from one questionnaire could accidentally be registered or linked to another one.

Why do we have to participate?

Through the introduction of new standards and processes and the implementation of the SAP Ariba modules, Infrabel aims at improving the collaboration with its suppliers. Among other things, this has the benefit of eliminating manual handling and ensures that our suppliers' data is up-to-date and accurate.

What happens if we have not received the registration link or if it needs to be sent to us again?

The problem may find its cause in your email settings. Make sure that is considered a trusted sender. Please perform the following checks first:

  • Look in your email inbox for a message with the subject line "Sign up to become an Infrabel provider".
  • Look in all your folders - inbox, junk mail or spam.
  • Finally, make sure that a colleague has not received the invitation in your place.

If the invitation is not found, you can request a new registration link from your Infrabel contact person. They will then take the necessary steps to provide you with a new link.

What happens if a new supplier does not follow the new registration procedure?

The following of the registration procedure is mandatory. Failure to comply with this procedure may have repercussions on the commercial relationship with Infrabel.

If we already have an account on the Ariba Network, why do we need to create a new one?

You do not need to create a new account in order to complete the questionnaire.

It is possible to complete the questionnaire from your existing account in order to complete your registration with Infrabel. Your existing account is then linked to Infrabel's profile on the Ariba Network. You can then use your existing account to:

  • react to the registration questionnaire of Infrabel (and other customers).
  • react to future sourcing events.
  • manage possible contracts.
  • etc.

We received a system-generated registration invitation, but it was sent to the wrong person. It needs to be directed to another person within my organization.

If you, or anyone else in your organization, received a registration invitation generated by SAP Ariba but it should have been sent to someone else, please do not forward it. Contact your buyer at Infrabel who will send a new email with a link.

Is my current information already migrated to the registration questionnaire?

If you are already an Infrabel supplier, some of your information may have been migrated to the registration questionnaire, so that you only need to check its accuracy.

However, some information may have to be re-entered or additional data may have to be provided. This will ensure that Infrabel has the most up-to-date and accurate information in future exchanges with your organization.

We are having trouble connecting using our existing data. What can we do?

This problem can have several causes:

  • You are already logged into your existing account and clicked on the link in the email.
  • IMPORTANT: the system considers this as a second login attempt. You must either click on the link and log in from there or log in to your account and then navigate to the Ariba Network dashboard.
  • You already have an SAP Ariba site open in another window or tab. Close that other session and try logging in again.
  • You received a certificate error in your browser during a previous attempt to connect to the Ariba Network via Clear your browser's cookie history. Close your browser and try logging in again.

Does the contact person have to be a personal address, or can it be a functional address?

You can use a functional mailbox or a personal address as a contact person - depending on your internal organization.

However, the contact data must be accurate for the purpose of purchasing transactions with Infrabel. This information can be used for future communications.

How is the billing impacted?

This registration has no impact on the billing.

Can I answer 'no' to some questions?

You must fill in the questionnaire as correctly as possible. It can also be 'No' or 'Not applicable'.