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Every day we’re working together on a safe, modern and high-quality rail network. 

That’s our contribution to sustainable mobility for our society. 

A short history

Infrabel was founded in 2005. That means we’re still a young company. We were created as part of the reform of the Belgian railways to make free competition possible. But our history goes back much further than that! 

Our organization

We’re active across the whole country, which creates a lot of employment at various locations. With at least 11,000 employees, we swear by an efficient business structure and a clear division of labor. 

You can find more information below about our directorates and supporting departments, Board of Directors and our subsidiaries.


Our new Chief Executive Officer Benoît Gilson is responsible for the day-to-day management. Of course, he doesn't do it alone: our management committee, which consists of the directors of the three directorates and our general services supports him in his mission

Benoit Gilson
Chief Executive Officer
Ann Billiau
Chief Client Officer
Christine Vanderveeren
Chief Financial Officer
Lucia Van Laer
Chief Strategy, Corporate & Public Affairs Officer
Jochen Bultinck
Chief Operations Officer
Eric Mercier
Chief Digital Officer
Nicolas Van Wijk
Chief Talent Officer

Board of directors

We only appoint new directors if their expertise is complementary to that of the current directors. Together they form a board with knowledge of financial and accounting matters, legal issues, the transport sector, mobility, human resources management and social relations. We emphasize equal representation: at least a third of the directors must be a woman, and we also strive for equality in terms of language.

  • Jan Cornillie, Chairman
  • Benoît Gilson, CEO
  • Pierre Provost, Director
  • Sylviane Portugaels, Director
  • Anne Sophie Gillain, Director
  • Bart Vandenberghe, Director
  • Brigitte Pinte, Director
  • Durkadin Yilmaz, Director
  • Virginies Wislez, Director
  • Herman De Bode, Director
  • Ruben Lecok, Director
  • Pier Eringa, Director
  • Karel Stessens, Director
  • Antoine de Borman, Director

Our company structure

We organize our activities in 3 directorates and 4 support services. Each of these entities has its own specializations and responsibilities.

Customer & Business Excellence
Asset management, Build & Traffic Operations

Supporting services
Finance & Business administration
HR & organization
Strategy & Corporate & Public Affairs
Information & communication technology

Our customers

As manager of the Belgian rail infrastructure, we are responsible for the distribution of capacity on the Belgian rail network. Railway companies and carriers can purchase train paths from us for passenger or cargo transport. In addition to NMBS/SNCB, the national passenger operator, we have a number of other customers. 

The Belgian rail sector is fully liberalized for freight traffic, both national and international. That means that any railway company can use our rail network. Since 2015 every company can request rail capacity directly from us. Anyone who wants to ride the Belgian railway must first obtain the necessary safety permits and certificates. 

The market for international passenger traffic in Belgium is also open to free competition. Domestic passenger traffic has not yet been liberalized: NMBS/SNCB is currently the only operator in that market segment. 

Projects & achievements 

Today we are building the mobility of the future. We are increasing the safety, punctuality and the capacity of our railway network. Learn more about our biggest projects and achievements in Dutch or French.

Belgian network map

The Belgian railway network comprises 3,602 kilometers of rail lines. That makes it one of the densest in the world! Curious about where all those tracks lie?

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