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Safety above everything

Safety on the Belgian rail network is our top priority. That’s why we implement a great number of measures on the railroad and equip our rail network with the most up-to-date systems. With our actions and campaigns we create extra visibility around the various dangers and solutions. 

Accidents at railroad crossings

The main cause of accidents at railroad crossings? That is and remains a failure to respect traffic rules! Extremely dangerous!
We call on all road users to stop whenever and wherever there is a railroad crossing with red lights flashing, a bell ringing and/or barriers that are closed or moving. 

Track walking

People who walk on or along the tracks, for example to take a shortcut, are the cause of a great number of delays. We’re talking about at least 95.943 minutes a year, amounting to an average of more than four hours per day. It’s pretty simple: railway domain is forbidden terrain!

Cable theft

Just as we saw in summer 2018, we’re now also dealing an exceptional surge in cable theft. The rail network is plagued by one or multiple gangs of thieves who use considerable means to steal copper cables. 

A safe rail network thanks to modern technology

Our ambition? To make the Belgian rail network one of the safest in Europe. That’s why we equip our networks with the most up-to-date safety systems. This way we guarantee travel safety. 
Thanks to these safety systems, for example, a train can never run faster than it’s allowed, and certainly can’t run through a red signal. 


Using their on-board equipment, our drones collect information for our teams, allowing them to verify the condition of the railway infrastructure. They thus help us prepare our work and plan our maintenance.


Infrabel must ensure the availability of IT systems and counteract threats from cybercriminals. The challenge is to guarantee that trains can run.