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Security services & Emergency planning

Why Emergency@Infrabel?

The goal of Emergency@Infrabel is very simple: To offer emergency and emergency planning services more insight into the most important rail-related risks. That way can they can carry out their interventions on the tracks under the safest conditions!

Do you work for emergency or emergency planning services?

Would you like access to Emergency@Infrabel? We'll submit your application to the reference person of your service or unit for approval .

In crisis situations

The smooth running of emergency services on our domain is one of our main objectives. Concretely, we entrust our Infrabel Leader to serve as the sole point of contact on the ground. He or she fully cooperates with the emergency services so that they can do their job. Always keeping safety regarding all track-related risks in mind of course.

Even before the Infrabel Leader arrives on site, our Central Dispatch (Infrabel’s dispatcher) intervenes from a distance.

Other Infrabel stakeholders are also involved, especially when an emergency plan is announced (with CP-Ops and in the Coordination Committee).

Info session & crisis preparedness

Every second counts in a crisis situation.
Thanks to accurate information and field exercises, emergency services are more familiar than ever with railway network risks and our procedures.

We offer information sessions and organize (multidisciplinary) crisis exercises, usually in collaboration with security teams. The result is that every type of emergency crew can be rapidly deployed in a crisis.