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People, Planet, Prosperity, Solidarity

Sustainable mobility and social responsibility

If you ask us, the railway is one of the most important links in the fight against climate change. That’s why we do everything we can to offer you quality service with respect for people and the environment. Corporate social responsibility: we don't go for anything less.

Our employees - People

We're proud to work together with colleagues who are each and every one passionate about their work. That’s why we ensure their safety and personal well-being day and night.

The environment  - Planet 

Sustainable mobility goes hand in hand with limiting our environmental impact.

Welfare - Prosperity

As a government-owned company, we take our role to develop a responsible socioeconomic framework seriously. For example, through responsible purchases and by promoting technical professions.

Community - Solidarity

We build bridges to local communities and encourage our employees to devote themselves to solidarity projects.

Objectives of sustainable development

We closely follow external initiatives for the benefit of sustainable development and future generations.