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Our website uses so-called "cookies". Cookies are small information files that are temporarily or permanently stored on your computer or device by a website's server via the browser and that simplify, complete and personalise the use of the website. 

  • Necessary functional cookies
    These cookies are indispensable for visiting the website and for using all functionalities. If cookies are disabled, some parts of the website may not work optimally.


  • Performance-analysis cookies
    Infrabel uses performance and analysis cookies to collect general information about how visitors use its website. Statistical analyses can be derived from the information collected in this way. These statistics give Infrabel insight into how often its web pages are visited, on which pages visitors spend most of their time, etc.This enables Infrabel to make the structure, navigation and content of its website as user-friendly as possible and to continue to improve it.
  • Advertising cookies
    These are cookies that Infrabel uses to offer you personalised and more relevant advertisements, to determine how many times a certain advertisement has already been shown, to calculate the effectiveness of a certain advertising campaign, to keep track of data from a previous visit and to share the data collected with the third parties involved, such as the advertisers. They are used on this website and placed on your device by third parties such as companies associated with Infrabel and advertisers belonging to the advertising network of this website.
    Infrabel uses the following advertising cookies:
  1. Google Remarketing en Doubleclickthese tools place cookies on your device to show you personalised ads that take into account your previous visits to our website. The Google Remarketing and Doubleclick tools use Google's Display Advertising network.

    These cookies can be disabled at any time in the settings of your browser.

  2. Facebook Pixel: this is an image invisible to you that is included on the pages of our website and that is stored on Facebook's servers. Each time you open a page of our site where the Facebook pixel is included, this pixel is downloaded to your device from that Facebook server. The following data is provided to Facebook: your IP address and the specific characteristics of your device (e.g. type, operating system, specific software and hardware).

    While we cannot link this information to you personally, Facebook is able to do so if you also have a profile on Facebook. To this end, Facebook acts as the data controller. We therefore invite you to consult Facebook's privacy policy in order to learn about the purposes (including advertising purposes) for which the browse information collected by Facebook is used. 

    We only receive statistical information from Facebook itself and not your personal data.

    If you do not wish to receive certain advertisements, you can adjust your advertising preferences on your personal Facebook profile. Finally, the settings of your mobile device allow you to indicate that the machine data cannot be communicated to third parties.

  • Social media cookies
    The Infrabel website may contain so-called embedded elements of third parties. This includes, for example, videos that are stored by another party but are shown on, in or via our website. Furthermore, the content on this website can be shared via social media by means of buttons. This may make it possible for social media to place cookies via the Infrabel website and to collect data this way. In this respect, we refer to the statements made by these parties on their own websites: FacebookGoogle+/YoutubeLinkedInTwitter. Please note that these statements are subject to change on a regular basis. We do not receive any personal data in any way.


Before data is stored on your computer and cookies are installed, you will receive a warning when you open the website, which will ask your permission. If you refuse these cookies, you will have access to the Infrabel website, but your browser will operate more slowly or you will have difficult or no access to certain parts of the website.

More information about the handling of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

You may withdraw your consent at any time and refuse the installation of cookies on your computer or their use on the website, and/or delete them, by changing the settings of your browser.


If you do not want to install cookies on your computer, you can disable the installation of cookies or delete the stored cookies at any time by changing the security settings of your web browser.

More information can be found under "Options", via the help function of your browser or via the links below.

The following links allow you to disable cookies or to delete cookies that are installed on different browsers: