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Plug, play, disrupt

Innovation for better mobility and safety

Today mobility is a major challenge that is constantly evolving. We believe that thanks to technology among other things, we can build a safe and reliable rail network. But that demands solid knowledge and preparation. Only with this can we can place innovation at the heart of everything we do. Only with this we can continue to innovate in every area and keep developing a better rail infrastructure. One that is even safer, for everyone. 

Long-term story

We always analyze long-term trends and are open to every bit of innovation with a potential impact. On top of that we’re constantly looking for and anticipating new opportunities. We study and investigate every new possibility to the core. That way we’ll be ready for the next generation of technologies. Do tests prove that a certain technology is effective? Then we apply it to our daily activities.

Smart Railway

Infrabel won 1st prize in the "Digital Enterprise" category at the "Corporate IT Awards 2018" with its "smart tracks" project.


Thanks to drones, our technical teams can access more accurate information. This lets them carry out their work in complete safety. That's what we aim for.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT is a technology that connects physical objects to a central system. This allows users to operate them remotely and measure their performance. You can count on a yes from us for seeing a future in this technology! That’s why we decided to develop our own IoT network based on the open LoRaWAN standard.