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Geluidsoverlast en trillingen

With this form you can submit a complaint about nuisance caused by vibrations or noise along the railways.Please note that this form only relates to nuisance that is not caused by Infrabel construction. If you wish to report inconvenience as a result of our construction work, you can complete this contact form.

A file will be opened based on the information below. The aim is for Infrabel to gather enough information to investigate your report as thoroughly as possible. That’s why it’s important to complete this form as carefully and completely as possible.

Your contact information:
Duration and frequency of the nuisance

Please add a list of the frequency and duration of the noise and vibration incidents using the button at the bottom of this form

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Description of the complaint
Nature of the noise and/or vibrations
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Time when the noise and/or vibrations occur (tick at least 1 box)
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The building concerned
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Additional information
For example: length and frequency of trains, possible work on the tracks, etc.
Please add a list of the frequency and duration of the noise and vibration incidents.
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