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How to access to the application e-learning Safety of Infrabel

Basic Safety certificates for railway work

For contractors who need to take the Basic Safety Certificate for railway work, we invite you to follow our e-learning and view the content that applies to you. The e-learning is only available in French and Dutch.

Infrabel provides a safety-oriented e-learning platform for third parties on and around the tracks. The content of the e-learning platform is only available in French and Dutch.

In order to access this e-learning platform, you need to have an Infrabel user account (Infrabel Account) .

If you do not yet have an Infrabel user account, please create a user account with the profile 'Guest' via the following link :

Important points for creating an user account

  • Please use the same e-mail address as for the old e-learning application (if any);
  • You must have an e-mail address and a mobile phone number;
  • The e-mail address must be encoded in lower case;
  • Please only use the methods of sending the code by sms or e-mail;
  • The validation of the user account by Infrabel takes a few hours (confirmation by e-mail);
  • The password encoded after validation of the user account must be at least 20 characters long and contain at least one capital letter, one number and one special character

Once the 'Guest' user account has been finalised, you can log in to the e-learning platform via the following link :

On your first visit to the e-learning platform, you will be invited to define your user profile.

In case of technical problems with the creation of the user account or access to the e-learning platform, please contact the Infrabel support : 02/52.54.555

For all questions relevant to the content of the e-learning, please contact the following e-mail address :