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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We refer to our website for the general framework, including
- the scope of the privacy statement
- a description of your data protection rights, including the right to object to certain of the processing activities we carry out.

The list below describes, in addition to the information on our website, the categories of data that we process when you log on to Infrabel News, from where your data originates, the basis for this processing activity and with whom we may share the data.

Use of Infrabel News

In order to apply MFA, we collect a limited amount of Personal Information in order to secure your account. We need this Personal Information to validate your account from a less secure environment.
Categories of processed data: E-mail address (not related to Infrabel), GSM number.
Source of data: Directly from you, if you have registered for MFA.
Ground for processing: It is in Infrabel's legitimate interest as a company to secure the data it makes available to its partners and employees from outside its network in an appropriate manner, thus limiting fraudulent access as much as possible.
Recipients of data: IT service provider.

You can delete your Personal Data at any time. You can do so via 
this link. More explanation can be found here in the section "Manage your (backup) authentication methods".
If you choose to use an authenticator app, you do not need to enter any Personal Data in order to use the system.

Legal Notice

Infrabel S.A. developed and manages the Infrabel News registration system. The use of the registration system is foreseen for
- Infrabel employees
- Infrabel's partners and customers.
Infrabel News may be used by partners and customers only provided that the 
conditions of use of Infrabel's partner portal are complied with. Any use of the system automatically implies unconditional acceptance of these conditions of use.


Cookies are small information files that are temporarily or permanently stored on your computer or device by a website's server via the browser and that simplify, complete and personalise the use of the website.

Infrabel wants to make your experience with VerifyMe as simple as possible. In order to achieve this, we use cookies and local data storage, in which we strive to both protect your privacy and offer a user-friendly application. In doing so, we do not receive any personal data in any way whatsoever.

Necessary functional cookies
These cookies are indispensable for logging in on Infrabel News and using all functionalities. If the use of cookies is switched off, the login process will not work or will not work optimally.

Remember me-cookies
We use cookies if you tick "remember me" to recognize you the next time you log in so you don't have to re-enter your username.

Local data storage
We use your browser's localStorage to remember which authentication method you last chose and thus enhance your ease of use. This information is only accessible by your browser on your device.
The same applies to the pass code you set in the Infrabel News app.

Disable cookies
If you do not wish to install cookies on your device, you can disable the installation of cookies or delete stored cookies at any time by changing the security settings of your web browser. However, the login process will then not work or will not work optimally.
You can find more information via the help function of your browser or via the links below:

Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 7 and 8
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox