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Financing of a new rail connection

Whenever possible and where it does not entail any major disadvantage for Infrabel and/or for the candidate for connection, Infrabel prefers the candidate for connection to oversee the organisation of the works (with the exception of the junction to the network, for which Infrabel must as a minimum oversee the works and finance the material costs, for safety reasons and in order to maintain the coherence of the infrastructure topology

If, for specific reasons (legal or other), Infrabel is required to pre-finance the works to be performed, additional guarantees will be requested. In this case, there are three options (in order of preference):

  1. The candidate for connection opts to reimburse Infrabel in instalments, for example, according to the progress of the works. This possibility will necessarily be conditional on strict recovery rules (payment deadlines and obligations towards Infrabel), to be specified in the agreement with the connected party. If payment of an invoice is refused (re-invoicing to the connected party), Infrabel reserves the right to stop the works and to demand reimbursement of any penalties caused by the stoppage of works in addition to the unpaid invoices;
  2. The candidate for connection must provide a bank guarantee, which must comply with the following four characteristics: abstract, irrevocable, unconditional and upon first request. This guarantee can be adapted to the different phases of the project, as long as it covers the full financial commitment to be made by Infrabel towards one or more third parties (contractors) prior to the notification of the works;
  3. If the candidate for connection does not opt for one of the two aforementioned options, Infrabel insures itself against non-payment by the connected party. The cost of this insurance must be paid by the candidate for connection prior to launching the works. If the credit insurance does not cover the entire transaction cost, the candidate for connection must first either provide a bank guarantee (abstract, irrevocable, unconditional and upon first request) for the amount not covered, or pay this amount to Infrabel.