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Red = Stop, every time, everywhere!


In 2020, there were 23 accidents at level crossings in Belgium. 6 of these took place in a port area. In 2021 (up to and including November), there were 12 accidents in port areas, of which 8 in Antwerp and 4 in Zeebrugge.

Almost every month sees an accident at a level crossing in one of our ports. The consequences can be severe: these life-threatening events are also responsible for major material damage and delays to freight traffic.  These, in turn, have major economic consequences.

That is why, on 13th December, we will be launching a campaign specifically aimed at truck drivers for more safety at level crossings in our port areas. Our message is clear: Red = stop! Figures show that in 80% of accident cases, drivers did not stop at a red light sign. 


A warm break with a safety message

As in previous years, we have chosen to organize the campaign during the shortest days of the year, when visibility is limited due to the occasional bad weather conditions. On 13th December, we will be present in 2 terminals in the port of Antwerp and Zeebrugge to meet with the truck drivers. We want to offer them a small break with a warm drink, a nice gadget, and share  our safety message with them.


From 13th December until 26th December, you will also see our campaign on different social media channels, as well as through our partners’ media channels. After all, this campaign is possible thanks to the good cooperation of: Port of AntwerpMBZ Port of ZeebruggeCombinantICOAPZI. In addition, several trade unions support the action, such as ACV-Transcom and Febetra.

Notifications on your smartphone

Driving in ports can often be hazardous: heavy traffic, lots of trucks, numerous level crossings, most of which are without barriers and sometimes even without traffic lights. That is why we joined forces with Waze, Flitsmeister and Coyote in 2020 to find a way to warn drivers when approaching a level crossing. 
How does it work? We published the GPS coordinates of all level crossings in Belgium on our 
Open Data platform. This data is freely available, allowing developers of navigation apps to integrate it for free. This way, Waze and Flitsmeister can send their users a notification when they approach a level crossing. With this additional warning we want to help drivers stay extra alert near level crossings and thus increase road safety. 

The figures

  • 1662 level crossings in Belgium
  • 23 accidents in 2020
  • 6 accidents in port areas in 2020, 12 in 2021
    • Antwerp: 6 in 2020, 8 in 2021
    • Zeebrugge: 0 in 2020, 4 in 2021
  • In 80% of the cases: failure to observe the red light
  • 239 minutes of delay in 2020 / 3862 minutes in 2021 due to accidents at level crossings in the ports